Social Media

Leaders must get their heads around SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social Media Workshop in German

It is important to understand the strength and opportunities it brings to you as a leader. Social Media is one of the greatest tools to amplify the message of a leader. It also directs vision and information to the people they lead.

„Social Media isn’t a new thing. It’s a new way of doing very old things.“

Leaders must know this about Social Media

How do you use it?

Where do you use it?

How often do you use it?

Who should use it?

How does your staff use it?

How can your organization use it?

Where are the dangers?

What is the benifit?

How do you play out your organizations strengths?

How do you deal with critics and bad comments?

The length of a Social Media Workshop is best in 2x 2hours.

It can include hands on training on how to create a Facebook page, blogs, etc.


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In social media, the lines between our real lives and digital lives are disappearing. Messages travel fluidly between our on-line activities and off-line valuesattitudes, and behaviors. People are most eager to share what’s most meaningful to them. The more meaningful the message, the more powerful Social Media tools can be.

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What people say about the workshop

“I learned the importance of being aware and sensitive of who my audience was.”
Jean Ng, Phnom Penh

I didn’t realize that social network is so important. But now I understand, to connect with people.”
Sreyleak Thux, Web Essentials