I love to inspire and maximize leadership!

Developing leaders is the most effective way to change any culture.


The MBTI Workshop offers an in depth learning experience that will help leaders with communication, teamwork and problem solvingmore…

Social Media

The Social Media Workshops for leaders and staff creates an awareness and hands on training on how to use social media successfully. more…

Strengths Finder

With the Strengths Finder Workshop you will discover your  top 5 strengths. If you want do develop as leader or help your team advance to it’s strengths – this workshop will be perfect for you. more…

Feedback Session

A feedback session contains a full feedback of your event or celebration including advertisement, organization, preparation, atmosphere and  performance.


ND speaks on topics related to leadership, motivation & inspiration, and social media. He has been speaking publicly for more than 15 years at conferences, events, learning communities and small leader gatherings.

ND will customize the presentation to meet your specific needs. The goal is the to facilitate the outcome you are trying to create.

If you like to book a Workshop, Feedback Session or Talk with ND Strupler click here.


ND is an on-the-edge leader with great coaching and leadership training skills. His input in our leaders during his visit was of great value and his insights helped us to take steps forward in building church and our worship ministry. He has a passion to see the local church grow and people to reach their potential in Christ and as leaders. We appreciate him and look forward to new opportunities to meet with him.
Johan Forsbäck, Executive Pastor, Filadelfia Church Helsinki, Finland


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