My New Team

These are the people that will join me to Cambodia. I am very exited and thankful to have such great people come along. Most will stay for at least one year. This will give us the opportunity to put together a fun Khmer class.
The plan is to work out a strategy for the coming years.
How do we want to start the NGO?
How do we build the church?
What are the greatest needs and how can we meet them in the long run?

Looking forward to a fun time.

Happy New Year 2013

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Here we go again.
It’s the first day of a new year.

Looking back on a year with ups and downs.
Small decisions, good decisions, bad decisions and one huge decision.

But it would be nothing without the love of family and friends.

That’s why I want to say Okun Tschran to all the people that have stood with aw and my family the last 12 month.

Thank you for believing in me.

You have made me stronger, smarter and still more human.

Don’t ever stop pushing me to take steps of faith.

Because on the day I stop taking risks or fight for what’s right, you will get the invitation to my funeral.

Looking forward into a new year of big changes and even greater challenges, I am confident, that with your support and the power of God, nothing will be impossible.

Lets see what miracles awaits us in 2013.

ONE DAY – Film Premiere

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ONE DAY – Film Premier im Kino Palace, Winterthur am 14. Dez. 2012

One Day in a live from a Street child

ONE DAY is a Documentary film I made this summer about one day in the live of Rong, a Street child in Phnom Penh.

We will also have a Vernissage with Acryl-Paintings from Sophal Strupler | Strupler ART

On December  14th Sophal and I will give further information about the film, the country and our future in Cambodia.

Free entry

Because the space is limited, there is a Guestlist

Doors open 7:30 PM
Film start 8:00 PM

Kino Place in Winterthur – map

Let’s Go To Cambodia

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1973 Sophal was born in Cambodia and as a baby adopted by wonderful Swiss parents.
2 years ago we flew to Cambodia for the first time.
We fell in love with the country and the people right away.
It was a coming home. Everybody looked like me.
This summer we flew to Cambodia again.

After sitting in a very boring church, ND said to Sophal on the way out: “With a church like this the people of Cambodia only have a small chance of experiencing God in a relevant way.”

Sophal looked at ND and said: “We should start an ICF here.”

ND was shocked that Sophal would say this.
Sophal never wanted to found a church.

Sophal continued and said: “Founding a church never passed my thoughts and especially not in Cambodia. But I knew it was the right thing and the only way to really help the people of Cambodia.”

ND felt the same in my heart but was speechless.

Suddenly Sophal realized that what we were planning on doing would turn our lives up-side-down.

We took some time to test the decision.

It became clearer and clearer that we would start the next 40 years with a radical step. When we told Leo and Susanne Bigger (Pastors of ICF Zurich)  they were very excited and support our vision.

So we decided to go to Cambodia and plant a new church at the heartbeat of our time.
We don’t only want to found a church but help the young generation in many areas.

Next year in July we’ll take the step.

We are going to Cambodia!

You Can Be A Hero

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It was a special day giving clothes to families in need. It was the second time we did this during our vacation. In the past we have spent our holidays to please ONLY ourselves. Since the last years we have always planed in some time to give away time/energy or gifts during our vacation.

We have always came relaxed out of our vacation.
Now we come home relaxed and fulfilled.

Here are some more photos of that day we spent in the slums Viagra Online of Phnom Penh.

I Love Europe

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I’ve been traveling Europe intensively for the last 4 years and I agree with this video 100%.

Many of my friends think that people from Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, … are so different.
Well, I would argue, that we are more “the same” than we think.
That does not make me a lover of the European Union.
It only makes me a lover of people.