My New Team

These are the people that will join me to Cambodia. I am very exited and thankful to have such great people come along. Most will stay for at least one year. This will give us the opportunity to put together a fun Khmer class.
The plan is to work out a strategy for the coming years.
How do we want to start the NGO?
How do we build the church?
What are the greatest needs and how can we meet them in the long run?

Looking forward to a fun time.

Starting Into A New World

ND Strupler at Ankor Thom

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Two of our most proven people will leave ICF Zurich this summer 2013 with their whole family. ND & Sophal Strupler will plant a new ICF church in Cambodia. They are ready for a really big adventure.
We (ICF Zurich) asked how all this happened and what they feel personally.

Interview with ND Strupler

 How on earth did it come about that you decided to move to Cambodia with your family? Your wife Sophal is an adoptive child from Cambodia…

This has to do with our first decision we took over 20 years ago: We where part in the ICF project and are prepared to go “all in”. Now it’s the same just with another challenge. It is a consequence of our first decision wanting to have an excited life in the kingdom of God. Sophal was the one who took the initiative to plant an ICF in Cambodia. It wouldn’t have been my choice, I would have picked California (another place with “C”…). But when she vocalized this, I also realized that like a puzzle many pieces fit together and it really made sense.

Where in Cambodia will you start and why?

After a time of research we chose the city of Siem Reap. At the moment, this is the fastest growing city in Cambodia because it is a tourist spot which attracts many Cambodians from the surrounding provinces. Unfortunately, it’s not near to the sea but one flying hour from Siem Reap.

What is your and your family’s motivation to take such a step after such a long time of active church work in ICF Zurich? You are not 20 any more…

Exactly this motivates us! Continue reading Starting Into A New World

Making Vision Stick

Making-Vision-Stick-Stanley-Andy-9780310283058Blog auf Deutsch.

Andy Stanley, founding and lead pastor of North Point Community Church. He has written a must-read book – Making Vision Stick– for leader/communicators. The first thing I love about the book is that it’s only 74 pages long. If all books were as short, I’d be able to read a lot more books! Here are some of my favorite quotes:

One of the greatest challenges is making vision stick. Vision doesn’t have much adhesive. To get people to sit still long enough to understand your vision is hard enough. But to get them to actually organize their lives around it is supremely difficult. The urgent and legitimate needs of today quickly erase our commitment to the what could be of tomorrow. It’s the leader’s responsibility to ensure that people understand and embrace the vision of the organization.

5 things you can do to increase the adhesiveness of your vision

1. State the vision simply. if your vision is going to stick in people’s minds, it must be memorable. People don’t remember or embrace paragraphs. They remember and embrace sentences. And, If the vision is too complicated, nothing changes.

2. Cast the vision convincingly. In this section, Andy says leaders must define the problem, offer a solution, and present a reason for the solution. He writes …

Every vision is a solution to a problem. Buy-in by others hinges on your ability to convince them you are offering a solution to a problem they are convinced needs to be solved.

A leader points the way to a solution and gives a compelling reason why something must be done now.

3. Repeat the vision regularly. Continue reading Making Vision Stick

How To Win Volunteers

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12 tips that help you win new volunteersZurich-29

1. Have fun The more fun you have doing what you are doing the more attractive it will become for people to get involved.

2. Purpose & Vision Paint the vision as clear and often as you can. Only if people know the big picture will they be willing to volunteer.

3. Say you love them Let people hear you say it! Make notes and get creative in the way you “say” it.

4. Everyone Challenge your existing volunteers to find and involve new people. Ask them consistently if they know anyone that would love to join the party. Continue reading How To Win Volunteers

Maximiere Dein Team – Jetzt auf Deutsch

Das Buch für jeden Leiter der sein Team verbessern möchte.

In “Maximiere Dein Team” erhältst Du eine Anleitung dafür, das Beste aus Deinem Team rauszuholen.

In diesem Buch geht es um 4 Themen:

  • Fokus
  • Team – Kultur
  • Kommunikation
  • Leiterschaft

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Empfehlungen von Menschen die das Buch gelesen haben

“Ich verfolge begeistert ND Struplers Blog. Ich lerne immer etwas aus seinen Gedanken. Er hat nun einige seiner besten Posts ausgesucht und in einem Format zusammenge-stellt, das sich gut zum Studium und zur Reflektion eignet. Ich empfehle dieses Book und ND sehr. ”

Dave Travis, Geschäftsführer von Leadership Network, USA

“Ich hatte das Privileg, für einige Jahre unter ND Struplers Leitung in der Jugendarbeit im ICF Zürich zu arbeiten. Auch heute noch ist er ein Vorbild, zu dem ich hochschaue, besonders im Bereich Leiterschaft. Zudem ist er ein sehr guter Freund für mich geworden. Ich empfehle dieses Buch sehr. ND schreibt aus einem grossen Erfahrungsschatz und weiss, was es heisst, ein Team zu bilden und zu maximieren. Das Buch ist einfach, praktisch und mit einem Wort – MAXIMIEREND!”

Danny Gassmann, Pastor,  ICF Zwänzger, Schweiz

Weiter Empfehlungen

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Find A Mentor

Just sayin' what's on me mind.

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Beyond yourself

One of the most powerful ways to learn and grow involves other people.


People that are a step ahead of you on the journey toward the same goal.


I purposely said “Mentors”, with this I mean more than one. I have seen too often that people get focused so intense on one mentor they start copying instead of learning.


Copying is a great way to start your growths process. At some point you must develop your own uniqueness and find your place and style.


Choose your Mentors wisely.

  • You need dead Mentors: People that inspire you that have already finished the race. They will never disappoint you.
  • You need young Mentors: People that are younger than you but still have that spark and passion to change the world.
  • You need same age Mentors: People you share a similar task and that understand your situation.
  • You need older Mentors: People that have gone before you in a similar way and vision.

If you have this list,

post it on your office wall so you can see it every day.

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Open Communication

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Open Communication makes every team better.Untitled

It’s important that communication is not only about messages going out; it’s also about how messages are received.

Frequent communication is as important as clear goals.

If communication is open, hones, and clear to all helps to understand each other’s motivation and intents. It can establish where we are, where we want to go, and how to get there.


Silence may be golden, but it doesn’t contribute much to the team success. And, in fact, silence says a lot. We just don’t know how it’s being interpreted.

8 characteristics of an open communicator

  • They identify problems and have always at least one solution
  • The share ideas freely with their team members
  • They take time to listen to team members ideas and concerns
  • They are careful in what they will promise, because they will do whatever to live up to a commitment
  • The admit mistakes immediately
  • They respond promptly to team members request for information
  • The are the first to share credit with everyone involved
  • They let others know their sort- and long-terms goals

Review this list and talk with your team if there are areas you are falling short.

I’ve heart to many times: “We don’t communicate enough.”

The truths

It’s rare to meet team members who think they are getting too much communication.

It’s hard to get too much of this good thing!

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How To Use My Book

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With the Book – Maximize Your Team – I wanted to give you a tool you can use to develop your personal leadership and team culture.

Personal Leadership

Every leader is lead in his own style. After some years and success it can become your blockade if you stop trying out new things. The team will only grow if, you, as a the leader grows.

With this book I want to help you reflect yourself, give you new Ideas and help you approach some of the core challenges in a life of a leader. Reading this book will not make you a better leader. Taking yourself through the process of self reflection and the implementation of new habits will. You are the problem – and the solution to your own personal growths as the leader.

How do you develop your leadership skills?

Team Culture

Every team has it’s own unique culture. The team culture will get stuck in routine if there is no honest and open reflection.
With the help of this book you can discuss topics like communication, trust or feedback culture in your team meetings. I believe, if you talk about topics like this on a regular basis your team will stay healthy and develop a culture where innovation and change happen easier.

How do you develop your team culture?

You can download Maximize Your Team for free!

Continue reading How To Use My Book

My 39th Birthday Gift For You

I was dreaming of being able to help more people build better teams.

It’s one of the best things I love about the job I have now.
With this “ebook” (well, it’s more a collection of posts about teambuilding) I want to inspire leaders to maximize their team.

I want to give 1000 copies away for free.

I hope you like it. 

More information about the ebook.

Download your copy now

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By downloading this free copy, you agree not to distribute any copies of this ebook to anyone including your team members but let them download their own FREE copy here