Reflecting 2011

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It’s a good thing to take time and reflect on what happened last year.

2011 was a very interesting year.
Here are some Highlights I’m thankful for.


It started with a great ICF Pastors Timeout in Egypt (In January it was still save to travel). 7 Days with fun, devoted and smart leaders is aways the best way to start the year.


Lot’s of traveling and a fun Social Media Workshop with ICF Bern. Social Media has become so natural that we tent to forget WHY we use it. It’s all about the SOCIAL part of us that makes this media powerful.

Family Snow-days in the Alps.


My passion for excellence is reflected in the yearly Golden Celebration Training. There is nothing more rewarding than to see people develop and grow in their skills. Over 20 churches where a part of this unique training experience. Looking forward to the GCT this year.

I love being at the start of a new church. In March ICF Bielefeld, Germany started with a Big Bang. Check out the Video.

A huge highlight was the Big Bang of ICF Tirana in Albania. It’s been over a year since we started building a team to launch this new church. ICF St. Gallen was a big help with people and equipment. I pray, that this young church will help many people find their way back to God in that area of Europe.


I had the opportunity to join a Learning Community from Leadership Network on Fundraising. It was a mind-blowing experience and I learned a lot about people with money.

At the EXPONENTIAL CONFERENCE in Orlando, USA I was invited to speak about the multiethnic side of ICF Zurich. I got to know many great people and had a inspiring lunch with Bruce Miller. He wrote a book on Life in rhythm. Meeting with him still motivates me to rethink my life rhythm.


Another huge Big Bang was the start if the ICF Stuttgart, Germany. The Team of 40 people invited over 600 friends to attend the first celebration. It was a blast. Chills go down my back when I think about it.

For the first time our family had a table at our local flea market. It’s so much fun to sell our stuff with the family.


June was all about the BIG 15. The 15th anniversary of the ICF Movement. We always dreamed about renting the biggest stadium of the city and have a celebration with thousands of people. Well, this year it actually happened. WE DID IT.


Vision Trip 2011 - 019

What can I say? Friends, Harley’s and the Rocky Mountains. A sleeping bag and a tent. My dream came true. It was very close to heaven. A road trip on a Harley Davidson with friends… words can’t describe what I feel. AWESOMENESS!


Family vacation and our first Art Show in OC California. Sophal and I spend about a week working to create 19 works of art to sell and raise money for a project in Cambodia. To our surprise we sold everything and where able to send a lot of money to the Bong Paoun Project.


This was the month I started with the StrengthsFinder Workshop. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love to see people discover their strengths and think about ways to live them out in everyday life, work and church.

Wedding. A very good friend of Sophal and I married and we where asked to do the ceremony. We gave our best and I even fulfilled the brides wish by making a planking during the ceremony.


Unexpectedly my parents asked if they could take our kids for a holiday. Like a miracle this answers our prayers on spending a few days just with my wife. We booked a hotel in Austria and just made love. My wife is my best friend!

I was very impressed with the 10 years anniversary WE STAND of ICF Emmental, Switzerland. They really gave it their best and it was a blast. I had the honor to translate Stephen Matthew from boundentLife Ministries



The VERNISSAGE KAMBODSCHA was the art show here in our home town. We had a great turnout and raised more money to help street kids in Cambodia. I sold my first two paintings in Switzerland. My personal painting -highlight :)

Lot’s of traveling and speaking… but the coolest was the Social Media Workshop at the ICF Leiden, Netherlands. It was in a downtown bar. The atmosphere was unique. Lot’s of fun, great questions and interactions. Some people just walked in for a drink and joined the conversation. Now they are my Facebook friends :)

The Big Bang of the ICF Langenthal, Switzerland was very inspiring. It’s a very small city and the team was only 30-40 people. As the celebration started they had to move the lounge in the back away in order to make room for more chairs. I love it when that happens.


This month turned out to be full of unexpected work. It seemed as if everything had to be done before the end of the year.

Sophal and I where invited to speak at the ICF Stuttgart. We each told a personal life story and saw how God used them to touch many people who are dealing with loneliness and keeping the heart honest.

The Bottom Line

2011 was a year full of highlights.
It was a year of strategic planing and unexpected surprises.
Overall, I was challenged to grow through tough situations.
But the blessings of God was visible each month. Thank you, God.

Our Family has grown together. Especially, my wife and I.

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