Are Books Dying?

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The truth about this world is, that it will reinvent it’s self faster than we would like to think. Just the other day I was talking to my friend at work about Facebook and Twitter. He said, that he is not that kind of guy who would write posts.

It was a similar response that I have gotten when I had my first mobile phone about 15 years ago. People said: “I will never have a mobile phone. I don’t want to be reachable all the time.” The same people own at least one mobile phone by now.

About 13 years ago, when I got my first email address. I was one of the first in my neighborhood. Almost everybody said: “I don’t need this. I have a mailbox in front of my house”. All those people have an email address and use it everyday.

Again, the truth is the world is moving so fast you can’t stay at the heartbeat of time by not being open to new things and letting go of the things that you have gotten used to.

I saw this new device called the IS Tablet and I think this will be the beginning of a new era again.
Are books and print media going to die?

After watching this video I thought to myself. Yes, this is how I would love to “read” a magazine. I think my kids would love to read in this kind of way too. Even my mom would like it (she is on Facebook since 5 month).

I got a book called “DERAILED : five lessons learned from catastrophic failures of leadership / by Tim Irwin”. Its a book from Thomas Nelson Publishing. On the inside of the book it explains the new Nelsonfree concept – Instead of being locked into one format or another, with Nelsonfree you buy one format and you get two more for free – an ebook and an audio version.

Books and print media are not dying away right now, but it’s changing and we getter get used to it.
There is still something secret about taking a good book and hiding somewhere save from the outside world. And on the other hand I love new inventions and can’t wait to use this new Tablet myself.


  • What are you thinking about this change of books and magazine publishing?

Keep Social Media Simple

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The way to keep social media simple is to be selective.

Social Media can be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong: I love social media. 

Social Media exists for three reasons:

  1. to connect with people
  2. to share with others
  3. to learn from others

If you feel like you are spending to0 much time with social media.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why do I want to go to this social media site?
  2. Is this site more conducive to broadcasting or engaging in a network of people?
  3. What’s the benefit of this social media site to me?
  4. Am I looking to pass the time using a social media?

Here are the Apps I use: Continue reading Keep Social Media Simple

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How To Create Photo Art With An iPhone

I love to take photos with my iPhone 4. Many people have asked me how I edit my pics.
If you follow these instructions, you too will create art with your iPhone.

It takes two skills for a great shot.

A photographic eye and the right editing tools. 

5 Steps to a great photo

Step 1: Look for a shot with potential. This is something hard to explain, but look for structure and contrast. For example: when I see clouds like this, I know this will turn out great. I notice the wet ground and a eye catching plain in front of a far away background.


Step 2: I take all my pics in the Camera+ App. Use it and you will see why. I often take multiple shots of the same thing. this gives me later the ability to select the best one. Continue reading How To Create Photo Art With An iPhone

Instagram Rocks

Today is my ONE YEAR INSRAGRAM birthday.

The fascination of photography started when I took my first photography class in middle school. At that win pokies time it was all about the darkroom. Ever since I was taking pictures.

With the new technology of the mobile phone cams I started taking pics like crazy. The quality and apps of the iPhone 4 has opened a whole new dimension for me.

I joined Instagram a year ago and it’s become one of my favorite apps.

I uploaded 900 photos. Here are my most liked.

All my Instagram Photos. Continue reading Instagram Rocks

What is Leadia?

I had Will Mancini for a learning community last weekend and he told me about Leadia – a brand new app for iPhone and iPad.
What exactly is Leadia by Leadership Network?
In short it’s “leadership + media”.

It’s a short digital book, combined with embedded video, links, audio and social media for iPhone and iPad.
Here is my take on why leaders are going to love this innovative app.

#1  It’s a totally new genre that’s more Continue reading What is Leadia?

How Do You Use My Posts?

I got this in an email a few days ago. It’s so encouraging to hear stories about how my blog inspires and helps people of all age. Traci, thanks for letting me share this with everyone.
Keep up the great work and thanks for making good use of my blog posts.

Noa Strupler

I wanted to share a little about that experience and how you’re involved in it!
I teach students who have specific learning challenges how to be better students and to work with and around their disabilities. 
Today I had the chance to go into one specific classroom and try to help the students understand what’s going on with kids who struggle with academic tasks.
I started off by showing the picture of Continue reading How Do You Use My Posts?

(Deutsch) 3 Gr

I had reached my limit on how many friends I could add to my Facebook Profile.
The limit is 5000, but I still keep getting friend requests. So I started a separate Facebook Page and asked new requesting people to join my Page.

For a while I had a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page to update. I tried to post the same things on both.
People would comment on both and it took me more time than I wanted to keep it social.
By the time I had 5000 on my Profile and 430 on my Page I made a decision:

“I will turn my Profile into a Page and merge it with my Page.”

3 reasons for a Facebook Page

1. One Place
Now I have just one place to post and engage with people on Facebook. Continue reading (Deutsch) 3 Gr

Who Are Your Facebook Friends?

Facebook chooses to call the people you connect with FRIENDS.
Twitter calls them Followers and LinkedIn just says they are connections.

I don’t real care what you call them, the real question is how you do you connect with them?

How you treat them?

How you listen and speak with them?

Let’s take a closer look at your Facebook Friends.

There are at least 3 ways of looking at your Facebook “Friends”.

1. My Friends

You only accept people you call your friends. Continue reading Who Are Your Facebook Friends?

What Is Instagram?

I like the iPhone app Instagram. It’s a simple photo-taking and photo-sharing app.
You can get it for free from Apple’s App Store.

What’s it for?

1. Instagram is for taking pictures, adding filters to make them look creative.

2. Instagram is for sharing them with sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Facebook.

3. Instagram is a social network of other people’s photos. You can “like” or comment on the photos, and see what’s new.

It’s easy and doesn’t take much time or effort.
This is one of the reasons it has become so popular so quickly.

Here are some of my Instagram pics. Just click on one you like and you will see it larger.

[instapress userid=”ndstrupler” piccount=”25″ size=”90″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″ paging=”1″]

Follow me on Instagram if you have an iPhone and love to take pictures.

What Is Screenstagram?

It’s a Mac screen saver. Screenstagram displays photos from Instagram. It can show you your friends’ photos or photos from the Instagram popular feed, which contains highly rated photos from across the Instagram community.

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