Thank You

Von Dave und TanjaIt is not easy to say goodbye. Some of our relationships have developed over 20 years. We know it’s not the end, but to let go is hard. Sometimes we cry because it hurts so much.

We know, that deep relationships will stay the distance and endure over time. But we also know, that we need to make new friends. This is also a part of the process of letting go.

Our friends here will always have a place in our heart.

We wish to stay in contact and look forward to a visit in the coming years.

Thank you for all the good and challenging times we had with you.

You Can Be A Hero

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It was a special day giving clothes to families in need. It was the second time we did this during our vacation. In the past we have spent our holidays to please ONLY ourselves. Since the last years we have always planed in some time to give away time/energy or gifts during our vacation.

We have always came relaxed out of our vacation.
Now we come home relaxed and fulfilled.

Here are some more photos of that day we spent in the slums Viagra Online of Phnom Penh.

Love Is A Verb

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Like a mother loves her child. Love is unconditional. Love is given!

Boat Trip 1405The problem with negative thinking is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People become reinforced in the direction they are determined, and they produce evidence to support the belief. They feel increasingly victimized and out of control, not in charge of their life or destiny.
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Why I Hate Religion

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I like this poem, because it gets people thinking about faith in a different way.
I believe everyone has faith, the question is only – in what?
I want my faith to bring life, hope and love to the people I get in touch with.

“A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Continue reading Why I Hate Religion

I Love Europe

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I’ve been traveling Europe intensively for the last 4 years and I agree with this video 100%.

Many of my friends think that people from Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, … are so different.
Well, I would argue, that we are more “the same” than we think.
That does not make me a lover of the European Union.
It only makes me a lover of people.

(Deutsch) 4 Schl

We are living in a world of individualists. Everyone is their own king and want’s to have it their way. We all long for independence and miss the quality of interdependence. San Francisco-45I will not go into that right now, but I want to focus on 4 simple factors that measure a great friendship. I know there is much more to a great friendship, but I would argue, that if one of these are missing, you will never have a GREAT FRIENDSHIP.

What does it take to build a great friendship?

4 Keys to build a great friendship

1. Time

As soon as you get to know someone you will only deepen a friendship if you spend time together. That does not mean you have to spend 5 hours a day hanging out. It means, you want to plan time of fellowship into your busy schedule. If someone has no time for me, I can be sure, that chances of building a great relationship will never happen. It’s the “I WANT” that matters. Continue reading (Deutsch) 4 Schl

(Deutsch) Was unsere Kinder gross werden l

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How do our kids become great?Family Camp 08-12

5 Things our kids need to become great.

1. Touch
Our kids need us to hug them often. This is called meaningful touch.

2. Words
Our kids need us to tell them “I love you” often; whisper love and acceptance into their heart through your words and actions. Continue reading (Deutsch) Was unsere Kinder gross werden l

What I Like And Don’t Like About Christmas

FEUERZANGENBOWLE !!!!It’s this time of the year again.

Everyone is running around getting last minute presents, baking cookies and decorating the front door…

This is what I like about Christmas

  • People are gathering at the Christmas market and drink something hot and steamy in the cold
  • Inner city’s are lit with a beautiful light decoration
  • The atmosphere of a not too crowded Christmas market in Germany
  • The smells like cookies in shopping-malls
  • Watching people spend money on a gift for someone else
  • I have the opportunity to give someone a present without any odd looks
  • Mulled wine & Feuerzangenbowle
  • Our home is beautifully decorated. Even outside. Continue reading What I Like And Don’t Like About Christmas