Starting Into A New World

ND Strupler at Ankor Thom

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Two of our most proven people will leave ICF Zurich this summer 2013 with their whole family. ND & Sophal Strupler will plant a new ICF church in Cambodia. They are ready for a really big adventure.
We (ICF Zurich) asked how all this happened and what they feel personally.

Interview with ND Strupler

 How on earth did it come about that you decided to move to Cambodia with your family? Your wife Sophal is an adoptive child from Cambodia…

This has to do with our first decision we took over 20 years ago: We where part in the ICF project and are prepared to go “all in”. Now it’s the same just with another challenge. It is a consequence of our first decision wanting to have an excited life in the kingdom of God. Sophal was the one who took the initiative to plant an ICF in Cambodia. It wouldn’t have been my choice, I would have picked California (another place with “C”…). But when she vocalized this, I also realized that like a puzzle many pieces fit together and it really made sense.

Where in Cambodia will you start and why?

After a time of research we chose the city of Siem Reap. At the moment, this is the fastest growing city in Cambodia because it is a tourist spot which attracts many Cambodians from the surrounding provinces. Unfortunately, it’s not near to the sea but one flying hour from Siem Reap.

What is your and your family’s motivation to take such a step after such a long time of active church work in ICF Zurich? You are not 20 any more…

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Never Walk Off

Shianouk Ville

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Don’t be obsessed with getting more material things. Be relaxed with what you have. Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” Hebrews 13:5, 6

Thank you God for reminding me.
You will NEVER walk off and leave me.

This is good news in a world where this has become a common practice.

I want to take a stand and show the world, that STAYING is worth it.

Let’s Go To Cambodia

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1973 Sophal was born in Cambodia and as a baby adopted by wonderful Swiss parents.
2 years ago we flew to Cambodia for the first time.
We fell in love with the country and the people right away.
It was a coming home. Everybody looked like me.
This summer we flew to Cambodia again.

After sitting in a very boring church, ND said to Sophal on the way out: “With a church like this the people of Cambodia only have a small chance of experiencing God in a relevant way.”

Sophal looked at ND and said: “We should start an ICF here.”

ND was shocked that Sophal would say this.
Sophal never wanted to found a church.

Sophal continued and said: “Founding a church never passed my thoughts and especially not in Cambodia. But I knew it was the right thing and the only way to really help the people of Cambodia.”

ND felt the same in my heart but was speechless.

Suddenly Sophal realized that what we were planning on doing would turn our lives up-side-down.

We took some time to test the decision.

It became clearer and clearer that we would start the next 40 years with a radical step. When we told Leo and Susanne Bigger (Pastors of ICF Zurich)  they were very excited and support our vision.

So we decided to go to Cambodia and plant a new church at the heartbeat of our time.
We don’t only want to found a church but help the young generation in many areas.

Next year in July we’ll take the step.

We are going to Cambodia!

You Can Be A Hero

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It was a special day giving clothes to families in need. It was the second time we did this during our vacation. In the past we have spent our holidays to please ONLY ourselves. Since the last years we have always planed in some time to give away time/energy or gifts during our vacation.

We have always came relaxed out of our vacation.
Now we come home relaxed and fulfilled.

Here are some more photos of that day we spent in the slums Viagra Online of Phnom Penh.

Video Project – 24H STREET KIDS

 Video Projekt – Deutsch

Summer 2012

This summer we (Family Strupler) will go to Cambodia again and spend one week working with Bong Paoun Project in Phnom Penh as a whole family.


One of the ideas is to make a short documentary film: 24H STREET KIDS

What’s it about?

This documentary short film will portrait a child living a 24h day on the streets of Phnom Penh. What is his routine? Why is he not going to school? What are the challenges of every day street life? What are the highlights and dark moments?

Want to help?

We want to raise CHF 850 for this project.

Thank you for your financial help and prayers.

Love Is A Verb

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Like a mother loves her child. Love is unconditional. Love is given!

Boat Trip 1405The problem with negative thinking is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. People become reinforced in the direction they are determined, and they produce evidence to support the belief. They feel increasingly victimized and out of control, not in charge of their life or destiny.
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(Deutsch) Was unsere Kinder gross werden l

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How do our kids become great?Family Camp 08-12

5 Things our kids need to become great.

1. Touch
Our kids need us to hug them often. This is called meaningful touch.

2. Words
Our kids need us to tell them “I love you” often; whisper love and acceptance into their heart through your words and actions. Continue reading (Deutsch) Was unsere Kinder gross werden l