Keep Social Media Simple

Blog auf Deutsch. The way to keep social media simple is to be selective. Social Media can be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong: I love social media.  Social Media exists for three reasons: to connect with people to share with others to Continue reading

Social Media For Business

Blog auf Deutsch. 4 social media tips to send your business off to achieve social media success: 1) Strategy First, decide which social networks make most sense for your company. It’s better to have a limited, strategic presence on social media Continue reading

My Ebook On iTunes Bookstore

This book is available for download on your iPad or on your computer with iTunes. Download from iTunes for FREE click here.

What is Leadia?

I had Will Mancini for a learning community last weekend and he told me about Leadia – a brand new app for iPhone and iPad. What exactly is Leadia by Leadership Network? In short it’s “leadership + media”. It’s a short digital book, Continue reading