Nothing is Impossible

I grew up with some handicaps. My teachers wrote” ND has big problems with reading and writing”, they said I was a dyslexic.
I believed them. My grades where bad. Than became worse.

No wonder.
My self-esteem was below zero. I didn’t talk much, because of my insecurity I started to stutter.

I was blocked

Stories always fascinated me. I would think up grand adventures, but I was afraid to write them down.
I couldn’t spell.

Fresh start

At the age of 12 I moved with my family from Switzerland to the USA. Everything was in English now. At first it brought fear to my spelling ability, but I realized that it was a chance to start fresh. No teacher knew that I was a dyslexic. As I learned a new language my stuttering started to disappear. My self-esteem started to grow.


When I returned to Switzerland at the age of 15 I had to learn German again. Still afraid of making mistakes I did my minimal and started to use my mouth over writing for communication. I had accepted that I couldn’t write, so I would become a speaker. Working as a salesman and a youth pastor was great. Speaking was my greatest tool. I didn’t have to write a lot, or let someone else do it for me. I had accepted the inability to write.



At the age of 36 my life took another turn. My job changed from being a youth pastor to a coach and leader developer. Communication didn’t change right away. I still spoke a lot. More and more people told me, that what I said would be great in writing.

At the end of 2009 I wrote my first blog post.

Today you can free.

“With God nothing is impossible!”

Starting Into A New World

ND Strupler at Ankor Thom

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Two of our most proven people will leave ICF Zurich this summer 2013 with their whole family. ND & Sophal Strupler will plant a new ICF church in Cambodia. They are ready for a really big adventure.
We (ICF Zurich) asked how all this happened and what they feel personally.

Interview with ND Strupler

 How on earth did it come about that you decided to move to Cambodia with your family? Your wife Sophal is an adoptive child from Cambodia…

This has to do with our first decision we took over 20 years ago: We where part in the ICF project and are prepared to go “all in”. Now it’s the same just with another challenge. It is a consequence of our first decision wanting to have an excited life in the kingdom of God. Sophal was the one who took the initiative to plant an ICF in Cambodia. It wouldn’t have been my choice, I would have picked California (another place with “C”…). But when she vocalized this, I also realized that like a puzzle many pieces fit together and it really made sense.

Where in Cambodia will you start and why?

After a time of research we chose the city of Siem Reap. At the moment, this is the fastest growing city in Cambodia because it is a tourist spot which attracts many Cambodians from the surrounding provinces. Unfortunately, it’s not near to the sea but one flying hour from Siem Reap.

What is your and your family’s motivation to take such a step after such a long time of active church work in ICF Zurich? You are not 20 any more…

Exactly this motivates us! Continue reading Starting Into A New World

Impossible Is Only An Opinion

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Most people don’t aim too high and miss. They aim too low and hit. Bob Moawad 


There isn’t one person in a thousand who can write down his or her most exciting dreams without at the same time telling themselves that “it’s probably impossible.”
The truth is, virtually anything is possible—nothing is too good to be true.
What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Write down a dream that you would love to pursue if you absolutely knew you could attain it. (It may be more doable than you think.)

Trading a Paper Clip for a House

Thinking big, Kyle MacDonald started small—with a paperclip to be exact. He posted it on Craigslist as a barter and got a fish-shaped pen for it. He then traded the pen for something better. One trade led to another and another, until MacDonald finally found himself the new owner of a three-bedroom house.
Give yourself permission to aim high in work and life.
I never thought I would write a book. My teachers told me as a kid: “ND, you can’t write!”.
Well, here is my first book: Maximize Your Team (Download for free)

Take time to dream and plan

 So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon seem inevitable. Christopher Reeve 

My Ebook On iTunes Bookstore

This book is available for download on your iPad or on your computer with iTunes.

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Think Big Start Small

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Every path is easier to follow when you see someone else’s footprints already on it.
Blake Mycoskie

It’s best not to regard your next step as a tremendous risk.
Think about it as one small step on a long journey.

Thinking big always sounds good, but it’s a common mistake shared by lots of people starting a business or organization.

You don’t need to quit your job if you have a big idea.

By starting small, you can work through your story, try out your idea, and test your determination.

Starting an new church

Starting small is particularly good idea if you’re a salesman and are passionate about starting a church. You don’t have to resign your position, instead, rather than Continue reading Think Big Start Small

Abraham Lincoln

Beitrag auf Deutsch

Abraham Lincoln Didn’t Quit

Born into poverty, Lincoln was faced with defeat throughout his life. He lost eight elections, failed twice in business and suffered a nervous breakdown.

After Lincoln’s history of defeat to defeat to defeat, he then became President of the USA and was wildly successful in a stressful national situation of Civil War.

Born on February 12, 1809

  • 1816 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.
  • 1818 His mother died.
  • 1831 Failed in business.
  • 1832 Ran for state legislature – lost. Continue reading Abraham Lincoln

It’s A Passion

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a leadership workshop for about 50 teenagers and young adults in Sofia, Bulgaria. On Sunday I was asked to speak at the Breakthrough Christian Church.

I felt humbled and thankful to be able to have the opportunity to share with these young people that have an incredible history full of war, pain and insecurity.

This is the feedback of a teenager that attended:

«I was deeply touched by your sharing of the ICF Movement! I really enjoyed some practical things you shared about the correct/unconventional way of thinking and the challenging/invitational type of leaders.
However, what touched me the most and stayed in my mind was this simple idea:

If you feel the burden in your heart that certain things are missing – it’s a passion! Continue reading It’s A Passion

(Deutsch) Unglaubliche

There’s a little fable about a Mr. Jones who dies and goes to heaven.Kimo & Noa Strupler

Peter is waiting at the gates to give him a tour. Amid the splendor of golden streets, beautiful mansions, and choirs of angels that Peter shows him, Mr. Jones notices an odd-looking building. He thinks it looks like an enormous warehouse—it has no windows and only one door. But when he asks to see inside, Peter hesitates. “You really don’t want to see what’s in there,” he tells the new arrival. Continue reading (Deutsch) Unglaubliche