My New Team

These are the people that will join me to Cambodia. I am very exited and thankful to have such great people come along. Most will stay for at least one year. This will give us the opportunity to put together a fun Khmer class.
The plan is to work out a strategy for the coming years.
How do we want to start the NGO?
How do we build the church?
What are the greatest needs and how can we meet them in the long run?

Looking forward to a fun time.

Oh My God!

Siem Reap City

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“Risk great things for God, and God will do great things.” – William Carey

“Oh my God”, I cried out, “Something like this may not happen a second time! I will not survive it!” What had happened?

One Sunday I had invited a friend to come to church with me. I could feel his tension; he hadn’t entered a church service for many years. I was sitting next to him with a thankful heart, because God had answered my prayers and my friend finally came to church with me. After the service was over, I asked him: “How did you like it?”
He turned to me with an angry face and said: “Don’t you ever do this again! I haven’t seen such a boring, lifeless, irrelevant and unprofessional performance in a long time. I would rather sleep in my bed than in these chairs here. Don’t you ever invite me to a church service again!”

My joy vanished in less than a second and turned into frustration, but I did not give up, so I asked him: “Is it the faith in God that made you upset?” – “No,” he said, with a now more sad tone in his voice, “it is the style of the church, the sound and style of the music, the atmosphere, and how the people interact with each other.” I knew exactly what he was talking about; I told him that I was sincerely sorry about it.
That night I couldn’t go to sleep for hours. His words were hurting me. I knew that his criticism had hit the bulls eye.

I cried to God: “Why is church the most boring place on earth for many people? What has changed in church that so many people are afraid of it?”

This experience set a godly, radical energy free in me. A church is put together of very many different kinds of people. It could become the most attractive and interesting place on earth with God changing lives if only everyone would serve by using their personal talents. Then the church would have that unlimited power, which would spread sparks of hope.

“The world will thank you, if you try something new.” – Anselm Grün

Out of this and other similar experiences, ICF was founded.
Now I want to bring this kind of church to Cambodia.
Support our family with prayer during this transition time.

The Best Party People

10th Birthday

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I believe God is the opposite of boring. Following Jesus is maximum excitement and adventure mixed with a handful of awesomeness.

I’ve heard people say that Jesus is boring, living in purity is a drag, and they’d rather go to hell because at least they’ll be able to party with their friends.

Sorry, but that’s messed up.

If anyone knows how to throw an over-the-top, blow-your-mind kind of party, it’s the Creator of the universe, the one who invented fun and pleasure.

As lovers of God and doers of his will, Christians should be the best party people on the planet!

That’s why I think we should smile, we should dance, we should celebrate, we should laugh, and we should get over our serious selves and represent the joy of heaven.

I’m just saying.

One Ugly Photo

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Last Wednesday I fell asleep around 9pm.
This is very unusual for me. I like to stay awake till midnight. It’s just a thing I have.

Anyway. At 3am I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep.

I started to look at photos on Instagram and saw one that I didn’t like.

So I wanted to get rid of that person in order to clean up my news feed. Just before I clicked “unfollow” I read the word.

Siem Reap

I stopped. Siem Reap is the city in Cambodia we will move to next summer.
So I clicked on the link that said


This guy is the pastor of a church in Bangkok that has just recently started to do work in Siem Reap. I contacted the guy via email and said I wanted some more information. He wrote back around 4am and said that we met at ICF Zurich in 2000. He was a youth pastor and followed what we did in Zurich. Since 2007 he lives in Bangkok and started a church that does outreaches in Siem Reap. Mails went back and forth and around 5pm we where friends.
What started as an unattractive photo (this is just my opinion) ended up being a divine encounter.
Now I’m even more pumped to go to Siem Reap and start a new church.

I love it when things like this happen

And don’t tell me social media is not important!
I think God has so much fun with us. He must be laughing so hard, every time we try to be wise.
Thank you God for social media.

How To Win Volunteers

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12 tips that help you win new volunteersZurich-29

1. Have fun The more fun you have doing what you are doing the more attractive it will become for people to get involved.

2. Purpose & Vision Paint the vision as clear and often as you can. Only if people know the big picture will they be willing to volunteer.

3. Say you love them Let people hear you say it! Make notes and get creative in the way you “say” it.

4. Everyone Challenge your existing volunteers to find and involve new people. Ask them consistently if they know anyone that would love to join the party. Continue reading How To Win Volunteers

How To Share Vision To Your Team

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A lot of people have great vision. But you’ll never see your vision become a reality unless you communicate it well to others. Many great God-given dreams die in the vision-casting stage. 7 things you need to make sure your people understand in the process of sharing your vision with them.Irish Pub Coburg-15

Here is an example for leaders that want to start a new church.

1. Identity – who you are

What’s your church about? Every church should fulfill the five biblical purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism. But how you fulfill the purposes depends upon the distinct DNA of your church. What makes your church unique? People aren’t the only ones with a particular shape; whole churches have them as well (ex. ICF Style). When you’re communicating vision to your team, you’ve got to help people see how your church is unique. Continue reading How To Share Vision To Your Team

The Opposite Of Boring

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As a kid I didn’t like to go to church. The churches I grew up in had a boring Sunday service. I am a person that hates boring. I love God and want to follow Jesus, but still I do not understand why my church had such a boring service.

Here is a mind map I did during a boring service :)

I guess one reason is that they don’t think about how to create an experience where people are taken into the exiting message of the gospel.
Another reason is that they don’t care about quality.
Another problem is, that there is no training on how to create an attractive Sunday service.

Well, that is not true. Continue reading The Opposite Of Boring

Think Big Start Small

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Every path is easier to follow when you see someone else’s footprints already on it.
Blake Mycoskie

It’s best not to regard your next step as a tremendous risk.
Think about it as one small step on a long journey.

Thinking big always sounds good, but it’s a common mistake shared by lots of people starting a business or organization.

You don’t need to quit your job if you have a big idea.

By starting small, you can work through your story, try out your idea, and test your determination.

Starting an new church

Starting small is particularly good idea if you’re a salesman and are passionate about starting a church. You don’t have to resign your position, instead, rather than Continue reading Think Big Start Small

It’s A Passion

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to do a leadership workshop for about 50 teenagers and young adults in Sofia, Bulgaria. On Sunday I was asked to speak at the Breakthrough Christian Church.

I felt humbled and thankful to be able to have the opportunity to share with these young people that have an incredible history full of war, pain and insecurity.

This is the feedback of a teenager that attended:

«I was deeply touched by your sharing of the ICF Movement! I really enjoyed some practical things you shared about the correct/unconventional way of thinking and the challenging/invitational type of leaders.
However, what touched me the most and stayed in my mind was this simple idea:

If you feel the burden in your heart that certain things are missing – it’s a passion! Continue reading It’s A Passion