Nothing is Impossible

I grew up with some handicaps. My teachers wrote” ND has big problems with reading and writing”, they said I was a dyslexic.
I believed them. My grades where bad. Than became worse.

No wonder.
My self-esteem was below zero. I didn’t talk much, because of my insecurity I started to stutter.

I was blocked

Stories always fascinated me. I would think up grand adventures, but I was afraid to write them down.
I couldn’t spell.

Fresh start

At the age of 12 I moved with my family from Switzerland to the USA. Everything was in English now. At first it brought fear to my spelling ability, but I realized that it was a chance to start fresh. No teacher knew that I was a dyslexic. As I learned a new language my stuttering started to disappear. My self-esteem started to grow.


When I returned to Switzerland at the age of 15 I had to learn German again. Still afraid of making mistakes I did my minimal and started to use my mouth over writing for communication. I had accepted that I couldn’t write, so I would become a speaker. Working as a salesman and a youth pastor was great. Speaking was my greatest tool. I didn’t have to write a lot, or let someone else do it for me. I had accepted the inability to write.



At the age of 36 my life took another turn. My job changed from being a youth pastor to a coach and leader developer. Communication didn’t change right away. I still spoke a lot. More and more people told me, that what I said would be great in writing.

At the end of 2009 I wrote my first blog post.

Today you can free.

“With God nothing is impossible!”

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Why I Use Social Media

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This is the answer I give to people that ask, “why do you use social media?”

6 reasons why I use social media

1. My life is my message

  • I want to tell my story
  • I am a light in the world – I want to let my life shine.
  • I want to influence people for good
  • I want to share what’s important to me Continue reading Why I Use Social Media

How To Create More Web Traffic

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Here are five stupidly simple ways to attract visitors to your website and keep them coming back.I love this pic. It's incredible what you can do with an iPhone 4.

1. Start a newsletter list

Without a doubt, the number one thing you can do to increase traffic is to start a newsletter list.
Here’s why.
An e-mail list is the best way to build recurring traffic. By sending out e-mails to your newsletter list about new articles on your blog, you can guarantee that visitors will continue to return to your site instead of hoping that people will show up when you have something important to say.

2. Get the word out with guest posts

Guest posting is a simple strategy where you create content such as Continue reading How To Create More Web Traffic

How To Write A Blog Post

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Here are 4 ways that have helped me create content for my blog.


1. Make Notes

Go through my notes and harvesting ideas. This, of course, requires that I am actively making notes for blog posts consistently. I am one that needs to take notes, because I have a new thought every 30 seconds and forget almost as quick.

He listens well who takes notes. Dante Alighieri

2. Open Mind

Read other blog posts. I spend time simply Continue reading How To Write A Blog Post

How Do You Use My Posts?

I got this in an email a few days ago. It’s so encouraging to hear stories about how my blog inspires and helps people of all age. Traci, thanks for letting me share this with everyone.
Keep up the great work and thanks for making good use of my blog posts.

Noa Strupler

I wanted to share a little about that experience and how you’re involved in it!
I teach students who have specific learning challenges how to be better students and to work with and around their disabilities. 
Today I had the chance to go into one specific classroom and try to help the students understand what’s going on with kids who struggle with academic tasks.
I started off by showing the picture of Continue reading How Do You Use My Posts?

Don’t Believe The Lies

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What thoughts have been implanted in Your brain?
What lies are you believing and you don’t even know it?

Lake Powell

«Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.» Proverbs 4:23

Your thoughts are free

You will reap the actions of the thoughts you sow. Nobody decides what you are thinking about. Only you are responsible for your thoughts. It’s your decision what you think about (I mean what you choose to continue to think about). Your situations don’t define your thoughts – you choose what you think in any situation. You are not a victim of your thoughts. You are in control! Continue reading Don’t Believe The Lies

The 100th Blog Posts

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This is my blog post Nr. 100. A true milestone!
ND Strupler
If you have asked me 2 years ago, if I would write 100 blog posts. You would have made me laugh and I would probably have said “NO WAY!”

My process

I grew up with some handicaps. My teachers said I was a dyslexic. I believed them. My grades where bad. No wonder. My self-esteem was below zero. I didn’t talk much, because of my insecurity I started to stutter. Continue reading The 100th Blog Posts