Simon Laemmle

Why Simon inspires me.

I know Simon for more than 10 years now and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love the guy. I got to know him as a young man with a passion for music. Since 10 years as a worship leader he has developed his skill. Over time Simon has become an inspiration to many musicians and worship leaders around the world. His constant hunger to live a transparent and authentic life has impacted many people around him – including me.



His life reflects a good balance of knowing what he wants and being content with what he has. He has learned to know his limits but still likes to keep his life sharp, by staying at the edge. His work and family are his passion to equal parts.


Simon is a man of deeds. As an artist he is experimenting all the time with new things. Three years ago he started Painting. After he as finished the first 15 paintings, he sold them at the gallery he organized with his wife. After he has sold the last painting, he gave all his painting material away and said: “I will now stop painting and concentrate on the next music album”. His commitment and focuses is impressive as well as inspiring. Simon lives in the moment and focuses all his attention to what he does right that moment. This gives him the ability to try out many different things to it’s full extend.


In 2008 Simon said something that inspired me. He answered the question “How do you see yourself when you are 80 years old?” at the ICF Movement day in Germany like this: “I see myself as an old, wise man sitting an a rocking chair with a withe beard. Satisfied with a full life lived and knowing I have lived my dream!

This answer stayed on my mind ever since – How do I see myself when I’m old?
What is my goal in life? What do I want to leave behind when I’m gone?

I am blessed to know Simon and his family. I am proud to call Simon my friend.

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  • How do you see yourself when your 80 years of age?
  • How do you experience Simon Laemmle?

3 thoughts on “Simon Laemmle”

  1. Ich kenne Simon eigentlich nur als Worshiper auf der ICF Stage.

    Was mich an ihm aber vom ersten Moment an fasziniert hat, war seine Liebe für Jesus, die man spürt wen man in worshipen sieht. Seit dem ist er für mich so das Positivbeispiel für einen Worshipleader :)

  2. Lieber ND, mir läuft es heiss und kalt den Rücken runter. Soviel Ehre auf einer A4 Seite… Vielen Dank. Ich muss sagen, dass ich mit meiner Frau Lea schon einen riesen Volltreffer gelandet habe. Sie lässt mich immer wieder neues ausprobieren und ab und zu an Wand laufen.

    Der Weg ist noch weit und nebst all den Kämpfen (gegen mein EGO und meinen Stolz) und anderem täglichen Versagen, kämpfe ich wie viele, auch nur dafür das Ziel zu erreichen und meinem Gott und meiner Familie treu zu bleiben. Bin Gott unentlich Dankbar für mein Umfeld. .Wir gehen zusammen den Weg.

    Danke ND, du hast mein Leben schon vielfach geprägt und ich liebe und schätze dich von Herzen. RESPECT

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