About ND

I was born in 1973, Zurich, Switzerland.
I grew up in Switzerland and the USA.

WE LOVE CAMBODIA_smallMarried since 1994 with Sophal Strupler.
Proud father of 2 beautiful kids. (Noa Noëmi 2000, Kimo 2002).

I love to inspire & maximize leaders. I like photography.
I am creative, innovative and enjoy life with God.

I have a clear vision to change culture. The most effective way to change culture is through healthy communities that reflect the love of God in everyday life.

My Top Strengths

Activator | Maximizer | Strategic | Communication | Positivity

I want to get things moving. That’s why I is willing to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I am not satisfied with mediocrity, that’s why I think strategically about how I can help people maximize their leadership skills.
With a positive attitude and the passion for communication I inspires action


After finishing high school I successfully graduated from a 4 year apprenticeship as a professional printer. After the Army I changed direction and became a salesman.
In 1997  I started to work for ICF Zurich, a church at the heartbeat of time. As a pioneer I started many ministries and projects and lead the youth ministry for 10 years.
Since 2007 I work for the ICF Movement, a church planting movement. Main areas of service are Leader-Development, Consulting, Networking and Creative- Innovation.

Big change
I moved to Siem Reap, Cambodia in August 2013 with my family. Our dream is to start ICF Cambodia – a church at the heartbeat of time. And an NGO – ELEVATE CAMPUS. We see the need and trust that with God’s help in combination our experience we can make positive change in many lives.