About ND

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland 1973 and lived in Switzerland and the USA.

WE LOVE CAMBODIA_smallI am married since 1994 withSophal Strupler.
Proud father of 2 beautiful kids.
(Noa Noëmi 2000, Kimo 2002).

I love to inspire & maximize leaders. I like photography, social media + communication. I am creative, innovative and enjoy life with God.

I have a clear vision to change culture. The most effective way to change culture is through healthy communities that reflect the love of God in everyday life.

And that’s why I love to help leaders plant new life-giving churches.

My Top Strengths

Activator | Maximizer | Strategic | Communication | Positivity

I want to get things moving. That’s why I is willing to roll up my sleeves and get to work. I am not satisfied with mediocrity, that’s why I think strategically about how I can help people maximize their leadership skills.
With a positive attitude and the passion for communication I inspires action


After finishing high school I successfully graduated from a 4 year apprenticeship as a professional printer. After the Army I changed direction and became a salesman.
In 1997  I started to work for ICF Zurich, a church at the heartbeat of time. As a pioneer I started many ministries and projects and lead the youth ministry for 10 years.
Since 2007 I work for the ICF Movement, a church planting movement. Main areas of service are Leader-Development, Consulting, Networking and Creative- Innovation.

Big change
I moved to Siem Reap, Cambodia in August 2013 with my family. Our dream is to start ICF Cambodia - a church at the heartbeat of time. We see the need and trust that with God’s help in combination our experience we can make positive change in many lives.
More about this exiting adventure you can read here.