Leaders Are Like Eagles

Great leaders are like eagles

They fly

They spread their wings and use their aerodynamic design to soar through the air.
Your wings are your god-given strengths.
Your design is made to fly. Have courage – jump and enjoy the ride!

They have vision

An eagle has great perspective of the whole picture. With flying at a very high altitude an eagle can oversee miles of land beneath him.
You have the ability to step back and see things from a more elevated perspective too.
It’s not when you open your eyes – it’s when you close them – you see more.

They focus

Their vision is so clear; they can spot a mouse from a mile away. The keep their eyes fixed on it as they fly toward it.
You also have the ability to stay focused on the goal that is in front of you.
Do not get distracted, cause that will make you loose your focus.

They have speed

The enormous speed is what the eagle uses to catch the prey.
You have the ability to move fast. Don’t let laziness slow you down!

Eagles are not Chicken

A chicken walks on the ground and only looks down and sees what’s directly in front of it. Chicken don’t fly. They don’t spread their wings. That’s why they don’t need to have vision or speed.

Are you going to be an eagle or a chicken?

Only if you spread your wings as far as they can reach now, you will fly and your wings will grow.
Your leadership will expand.

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