Leaders Are Artists

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We are born with a innate hunger to explore.
As small children we have taken initiatives in order to find adventure.

Dawn of Dark PastRead the story to this painting
The passion to try and test is in our very nature.

Artistic Leadership

We are born with a unique artistic leadership quality in us. Obedience is a hard thing to learn because it gets in the way of our desire to discover the world for ourselves.

Obedience is certainly what we are capable of, but if we take initiative and add a little bravery, artistic leadership is something that’s more proactive.

We have been trained to believe that mediocre obedience is a genetic fact for most of the population, but it’s interesting to note that this trait doesn’t show up until after a few years of schooling. Seth Godin

There is more artistic qualities hidden inside of us than we will ever be aware of.

My wife learned how to paint in school, but it got covered up by all the demands of everyday life. She started living out her hidden artistic nature at the age of 35. Her first art showcase will be this Month (November 2010 — Strupler ART).

Rediscover your artistic leadership.

  • Try out something you haven’t done for a long time.
  • Expand yourself by doing something new.

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