Inspirational vs Motivational Leadership

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What is the difference between inspirational and motivational leadership?

Inspiration is unique to each individual as is what motivates an individual. An inspirational leader does not necessarily make a good motivational leader and vice versa. Richie Merritt


  • Inspiration is the act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions.
  • Inspiration is a supernatural influence which qualifies men to receive and communicate divine truth.

Inspirational leadership

An inspirational leader has the ability to dream with, for and through the people. Nadine Zaugg

An inspirationl speaker is one who likes to inspire people. Pam Thomas

Inspiration always creates something new. It always brings a new possibility: if you have a look at something (a product, a song, a lifestyle or whatever…) you can always copy the good parts of it or even improove them. Jonathan Eschmann

When someone inspires me is because looking at him/her my vision of service increases and make me think of actions. Vanessa Castellanos

An inspirational leader is like a scout. He sees the potential in his people and his wish is to let them find their purpose to grow in their personal relationship with God. He’s got a great faith that God’s got a plan with each single personJonathan Eschmann

An inspirational leader gets people dreaming. Marco Illi

If an inspirational leader inspires to do something – it does not mean he has the ability to motivate others to do that.


  • Motivation creates the willingness to action.
  • Motivation is an incentive or reason for doing something.

Motivational leadership

A motivational leader is the one who believes in you, even if you think you can’t any longer. Jonathan Eschmann

A motivational leader has the ability to discern between the moments of pushing and pulling people. Nadine Zaugg

Motivational speakers are what we are seeing right now all over the world, and inspirational speakers are few.Pam Thomas

When someone motivates me it’s because that leader knows my basic needs, what impacts me the most, what I care more about, what feeds my emotions and desires, then he/she will work directly with me trying to get the best approach of those motivational factors and help me to grow in my capability. Vanessa Castellanos

A motivational leader is like a trainer. He knows the strength and weakness of each one and his wish for each one is to grow in their personal skills or any circumstances in your life. Jonathan Eschmann

An motivational leader gets people to live their dreams. Marco Illi

A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning. Pat Riley

It’s important to have both leadership styles

  • The inspirational leader points to the source of vision.
  • The motivational leader points to the source of action.

The inspirational who gives you a clear point of view or vision of what’s possible in your life, and the motivational who believes in you and supports you to reach your aims. Jonathan Eschmann

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  • As a leader, do you prefere to inspire or motivate the people you lead?

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