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6 things you need to do when talking to a CEO.  

1. Do your homework

Come prepared. Have your stuff ready for a straight forward and simple presentation.
Make it clean and keep it focused.
Don’t waste time, but be social and friendly.

2. Be specific

Keep your focus and come straight to the point.
Say what you want, but don’t use to many words.

3. Ask questions

Respect the knowledge of the CEO and ask for his opinion and advice.
Involve the CEO’s thinking process.

4. Feed their ego

A CEO has to make the though decisions and take the blame if something goes wrong.
Every CEO needs compliments and encouragement. Give it generously.

5. Plan for redirection

Stay open if the conversation leads to another topic.

6. Say thanks

Respect the time and wisdom of the CEO.
Show your gratitude and make him feel good.

What is your experience in talking with a CEO?

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  1. Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback. I got my inspiration form a photo of a flip chart on Instagram. I didn’t know you wrote something about it. But if I know I would have copied yours and gave you credit. If the Pic was from you – thanks! Great insight.

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