How Leaders Get Killed

Leaders like me have an inner drive to do something significant.

If we don’t do it we feel guilty.
Guilt will make us try harder.
Trying harder and not making significant changes will live us frustrated.
The frustration in our life will grow till we quit.
And when we quit we feel guilty again.


The question is: What do you really feel guilty about?

The truth is that you are not God. You are a his project. There is a reason why you are on this planet with the time, recourses and gifts you have. Don’t fall into the guilt trap. It starts the cycle in your life that will get you killed as a leader.

Break the cycle

How do you break out of this deadly cycle?
Well, out of my experience it’s easily said, but hard to do when you’re in the gravity of guilty feelings.

  • Focus

Focus on what your strengths are and stop trying to do what you are not good at.

  • Thankful

Celebrate! Look back and celebrate the good. Sounds simple, but I am serious. Most people don’t celebrate past achievements because of dissatisfaction in their soul so they just push on. Thinking that more success will make them fulfilled and thankful. That’s a lie my friend.

  • Act

Don’t stay in your state of dreaming and thinking about change – Go and do it! Move, act, change, break the cycle through action!

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