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In Maximize Your Team you’ll find everything you need for a good team in a high concentration..

This book is a collection of selected posts from my blog over the past 24 months on teambuilding.
I have categorized them into 4 major topics:

  • Casting
  • Culture
  • Communication
  • Leadership

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Feedback form people that have read the book

“I am a passionate follower of ND Strupler’s blog. I always learn something from his thoughts. Now he has taken some of his best writings and compiled them in this easy to use format for study and reflection. I highly commend the book and ND to you.” Dave Travis, Managing Director at Leadership Network, USA

“I had the privilege of working under ND Strupler’s leadership in the Youth Ministry for several years. Still today he is a leader & role model I look up to, especially in the area of leadership. In addition he has become a very good friend. I highly recommend this book. ND writes out of his huge experience and knows what it takes to build and maximize a team. The book is simple, practical and to the point – MAXIMIZED!” Danny Gassmann, Pastor, ICF Zurich, Zwänzger, Switzerland

“In Maximize Your Team by ND Strupler, you’ll get a poignant, but powerful guide for making the most of the people God has put around you. It is a quick read that provides plenty of challenges to put into practice. This is a great handbook for leveraging the most important resource God has given you – the team of people around you!” Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, Community Christian Church, NewThingUSA –

“The key for success is a good team. In Maximize Your Team you’ll find everything you need for a good team in a high concentration. ND Strupler understands how to capture the essence of good leadership and leave out all the stuff you don’t need. A must read for everyone who has the desire to build a strong team.” Christian Gfeller, Lead Pastor, ICF Schaffhausen, Switzerland

“Serving with ND Strupler in various Ministries & Teams made me understand the true value & potential of a strong team. His ability to get the right people together and then build them up to become one strong team is outstanding and left a strong role model in my life. Finally ND’s passion & experience are ’on paper‘ and ready to be multiplied. Can’t wait to work through this e-book with my team!” Andi Pantli, Leader of Creative Productions at ICF Zurich, Switzerland

“ND is the man! I so admire his passion, enthusiasm for expanding the kingdom and planting new churches. This easy to read book contains many of his key principles of leadership. I know you’ll find them helpful.” Brent Dolfo, Director, European Church Planting Network, Canada

“Congratulation ND! What an absolute pleasure to see your passion to empower, now compiled into a unique, precise and brilliant e-book. This is a celebration of note, as in doing so, you have not only unpacked your purpose but you will be helping so many more to unpack theirs!” Joy Kistnasamy, Lecturer, Durban University of Technology, South Africa

“Ministry is a team sport. Here is an extremely helpful tool on how to build and lead teams from a seasoned European church practitioner. If you are going to do ministry, don’t do it alone, do it with others and ND Strupler will help you do it better with Maximize Your Team. This easy to read eBook distills the best team practices of the ICF church-planting movement that is transforming the church landscape across Europe. If you want to be a better team-leader, builder and player, read this eBook!” Jim Tomberlin, Founder & Senior Strategist, Multisite Solutions, USA

“The book reflects ND Strupler’s personality as it is very inspiring and leaves out what is superfluous. When I read a book I often only read the table of contents. I’m going to read “Maximize your Team” several times. “ Matthias Bölsterli, Lead Pastor, ICF Geneva , Switzerland

“ND Strupler has helped me in a very practical way during my teambuilding phase. His blog has been a great inspiration for me as a leader.” Rene Schubert, Lead Pastor of ICF Vorarlberg, Austria

“Senior Pastors like me tend to be ’Lonely Rangers‘ and paddle our own canoe. ND Strupler showed me with his personal experiences that a strong team is more than a necessary addition to a leader’s missing talents. A strong team reveals the potential of each team member many times over!” Stefan Hänsch, Lead Pastor, ICF Berlin, Germany

„By these practical impulses within this EBook you have the opportunity to maximize your team.” Tobias Teichen, Lead Pastor, ICF Munich, Germany

“I hardly know anyone who is so close to the pulse of our time and who recognizes and grasps the newest trends and developments as ND does. I think it is awesome that he is making some of these discoveries and also his experiences available for us! Maximize Your Team is a ‘must’ for every leader who wants to stay on the ball!” Philippe Sternbauer, Lead Pastor, ICF Mittelland, Switzerland

“Unfortunately there is no patent remedy for building a successful team. In his ebook ND Stupler gives many tips which he has tried out himself. His views have inspired me over and over again to expand my horizon when it comes to creating visionary teams which can build a church effectively. Successful teams must undergo a process of continuous improvement and must constantly ask themselves how they can improve. Maximize Your Team gives wonderful and valuable advice and visions.” Manuel Pohl, Lead Pastor, ICF Bielefeld, Germany

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