First Impressions Of Cambodia

Family Strupler Jeep
It is now already one week since we landed. This week went by so fast. Yes, we had to fight jet lag, but I think we are over it now.

During the last week we spend all of our time getting settled and organised.

Our friend organised a car for us, this made it easier to get everything else done.

  • We bought 2 Moto bikes to get around town quick :)
  • Looked at over 20 Houses and Flats :/
  • Got SIM cards for our phones – by the way, my new number is +85595888112
  • Went out for some great Khmer food :)
  • Visited the night marked :)
  • Met and talked to some interesting people that know a lot about culture :)
  • Had a 24h blackout – slept with no AC one night :(
  • Went for a great brunch and a relaxing afternoon by a hotel pool :)
  • Went to a gym – was not the best experience :(
  • Opened a bank account :)
  • Took our first Khmer lesson :)
  • Drove our kids to school for the first day at the International school :)
  • Got mosquito bites :(
  • Met with friends for lunch :)
  • Skyped home to parents :)
  • Took many pictures and wrote emails and blogged…. :)

Here are some impressions

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Are Books Dying?

Blog auf Deutsch.

The truth about this world is, that it will reinvent it’s self faster than we would like to think. Just the other day I was talking to my friend at work about Facebook and Twitter. He said, that he is not that kind of guy who would write posts.

It was a similar response that I have gotten when I had my first mobile phone about 15 years ago. People said: “I will never have a mobile phone. I don’t want to be reachable all the time.” The same people own at least one mobile phone by now.

About 13 years ago, when I got my first email address. I was one of the first in my neighborhood. Almost everybody said: “I don’t need this. I have a mailbox in front of my house”. All those people have an email address and use it everyday.

Again, the truth is the world is moving so fast you can’t stay at the heartbeat of time by not being open to new things and letting go of the things that you have gotten used to.

I saw this new device called the IS Tablet and I think this will be the beginning of a new era again.
Are books and print media going to die?

After watching this video I thought to myself. Yes, this is how I would love to “read” a magazine. I think my kids would love to read in this kind of way too. Even my mom would like it (she is on Facebook since 5 month).

I got a book called “DERAILED : five lessons learned from catastrophic failures of leadership / by Tim Irwin”. Its a book from Thomas Nelson Publishing. On the inside of the book it explains the new Nelsonfree concept – Instead of being locked into one format or another, with Nelsonfree you buy one format and you get two more for free – an ebook and an audio version.

Books and print media are not dying away right now, but it’s changing and we getter get used to it.
There is still something secret about taking a good book and hiding somewhere save from the outside world. And on the other hand I love new inventions and can’t wait to use this new Tablet myself.


  • What are you thinking about this change of books and magazine publishing?