Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

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Are you taking pics? Do you think you could do it better?
The camera is NOT the most important thing if it comes to take a great shot!
Here is how you can do it with the iPhone 4.
Do you want to know how you can take better pictures? Do you want to help other take better photos?

It’s all about the eye

You can help people develop their “eye” more with just a few tips.

For example, the rule of thirds: camera+ has (by default I think!) the lines-of-thirds shown on the screen, and to compose a photo with a subject (not like your airplane one…), try placing the subject where two of the lines meet (the intersection). That will help ppl take the first step in playing with composition.

Next, lighting: tell them that they can touch the screen in camera+ twice: first for focus, second for exposure, and it is important to play with exposure because sometimes a really dark photo is really nice!

And finally editing: it is important to try to have an idea in your mind of how the picture should look like (more or less) BEFORE you start editing. It is okay if you end up with something completely different, but if you practice holding the image in your mind before you start then you will get better faster because your goal-image will update each time you try again– and you’ll find it’ll get closer each time to your finished image.

By doing this you develop your own style.
I bet if you looked back at your images in a few years you would clearly find they have improved.

Clicking Fun

I think the most important thing about taking photos is having fun AND clicking a lot.

Thank you Tim Carr for your wisdom and inspiration to this post.

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Take Better Photos With Your iPhone 

How To Create Photo Art With An iPhone

I love to take photos with my iPhone 4. Many people have asked me how I edit my pics.
If you follow these instructions, you too will create art with your iPhone.

It takes two skills for a great shot.

A photographic eye and the right editing tools. 

5 Steps to a great photo

Step 1: Look for a shot with potential. This is something hard to explain, but look for structure and contrast. For example: when I see clouds like this, I know this will turn out great. I notice the wet ground and a eye catching plain in front of a far away background.


Step 2: I take all my pics in the Camera+ App. Use it and you will see why. I often take multiple shots of the same thing. this gives me later the ability to select the best one. Continue reading How To Create Photo Art With An iPhone

Instagram Rocks

Today is my ONE YEAR INSRAGRAM birthday.

The fascination of photography started when I took my first photography class in middle school. At that win pokies time it was all about the darkroom. Ever since I was taking pictures.

With the new technology of the mobile phone cams I started taking pics like crazy. The quality and apps of the iPhone 4 has opened a whole new dimension for me.

I joined Instagram a year ago and it’s become one of my favorite apps.

I uploaded 900 photos. Here are my most liked.

All my Instagram Photos.

[instapress userid=”ndstrupler” piccount=”25″ size=”90″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″ paging=”1″]

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(Deutsch) Kreativit

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 Let’s explore how innovations truly happens

I came across this video with a well made explanation on how innovation is a result of the elements

Copy – Transform – Combine 

This makes clear, that we all have the capacity to be innovators.

Creativity isn’t magic.

Question: What will you innovate today?

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What Is Instagram?

I like the iPhone app Instagram. It’s a simple photo-taking and photo-sharing app.
You can get it for free from Apple’s App Store.

What’s it for?

1. Instagram is for taking pictures, adding filters to make them look creative.

2. Instagram is for sharing them with sites like Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Facebook.

3. Instagram is a social network of other people’s photos. You can “like” or comment on the photos, and see what’s new.

It’s easy and doesn’t take much time or effort.
This is one of the reasons it has become so popular so quickly.

Here are some of my Instagram pics. Just click on one you like and you will see it larger.

[instapress userid=”ndstrupler” piccount=”25″ size=”90″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″ paging=”1″]

Follow me on Instagram if you have an iPhone and love to take pictures.

What Is Screenstagram?

It’s a Mac screen saver. Screenstagram displays photos from Instagram. It can show you your friends’ photos or photos from the Instagram popular feed, which contains highly rated photos from across the Instagram community.

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