How To Build A Strong Team

Great leaders seek to thrive with a strong team around them. Great leaders know that the right people in the right place is a big step toward success.
How do you develop a strong team? What do you need to look for?

4 steps – how to build a strong team

1. What is the vision

A great leader clearly communicates “why-we-do-what-we-do”. Everyone joining the team must see what the leader sees. The common vision is central for the success of any team.

Question: Is the vision clear, simple and well known?

2. What is needed

In order to achieve the given goal, a list of needs must be discussed and defined.

Question: Does everyone know what is needed to succeed?

3. What can everyone contribute

If the vision is clear and need is clear, everyone explains how they can best contribute to help achieve the common goal.

Question: Are the responsibilities fitting the skills of the team members?

4. What is missing

During the building of a team there will always be things missing. Great leaders will make it an issue for the whole team. The leaders problem is aways the teams problem too! All are in it together. All want to achieve the goal – that’s why all also must work together to finding the missing part of the team.

Question: Does everyone know what is missing?

Respect and thankfulness will be the result if everyone knows clearly why we need each other on the team.

Comments for my Facebook friends

No badtalking behind the back. Amit Walia

Trust and diversity. Vanessa Castellanos

When in a conflict situation, choose 2 deal with issues, not tear down personalities cos people matter! Joy Kistnasamy

1. State the “core reason” you are gathered as a team. Helps not to digress.
2. Understand and respect each members opinion/ contribution.
Dipak Nirmalkumar

Honesty and faithfulness. Estelle Itin

It is fundamental that everyone can find support in each other no matter the hard of the situation. Vanessa Castellanos

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  1. Lead by grace. Lead by God’s grace. Seek and accept this grace often throughout the day, both in good times and bad times

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