4 Levels Of Leadership

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Leaders are learners. Always improving to reach the next level.

Great leaders are always growing!

1. Position

People follow you because they have to.
You have the position, but not the authority or influence.


How to get to the next level?
Show interest in the people you lead. Get to know the people. Ask and listen!

2. Authority


People follow you because they want to. You have authority, cast vision and show leadership with your skills.


How to get to the next level?
Keep developing your skills. Cast vision and share your thoughts with the people you lead.

3. Empowerment

People follow you because they get something from you. You show responsibility and give good advice. You empower other and coach them to perform better.

How to get to the next level?
Keep encouraging, challenging and serve the people you lead.

4. Legend

People follow you because you are a role model. You lead with your example, character and respect earned form your history.
You don’t lead with your skills, but with who you are!

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4 thoughts on “4 Levels Of Leadership”

  1. Leadership is a constant balance of investing in yourself and investing in those around you. Great points and illustration of how you can continually learn and grow as a leader, while empowering and building up those that follow!

    Tyrell Mara

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