The Compass vs The Roadmap

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Using a compass is much wiser than a roadmap.
We often seek to have a roadmap that will show us every turn in our life.
This seems easier at the moment.

Life is more complicated.
Life should be more adventures than that.

I don’t want a roadmap for my life.

I want a compass

A compass is like having clear values and goals to live by.
Where do I want to be in 5 years from now?
What should my legacy be when I leave this planet?
Questions like this give my life direction, like a compass points to the north.

A roadmap will only show you the next turn in hope that the road is clear of any obstacles.
One wrong turn can leave you in a mess.

Guiding your life with a value based compass will get you there with a sense of adventure.

I choose to live my life compass-driven and I don’t want a roadmap dictating my every turn.

Question: How do you want to live?

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Blog auf Deutsch.

It was a special day giving clothes to families in need. It was the second time we did this during our vacation. In the past we have spent our holidays to please ONLY ourselves. Since the last years we have always planed in some time to give away time/energy or gifts during our vacation.

We have always came relaxed out of our vacation.
Now we come home relaxed and fulfilled.

Here are some more photos of that day we spent in the slums Viagra Online of Phnom Penh.