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What makes people win and what keeps them from winning is often the way they think and speak.
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The top 10 looser mentality sentences


  1. If I had that much time
  2. If I had grown up in that family
  3. If I had that job
  4. If I had that talent
  5. If I attended that school
  6. If I had those opportunities
  7. If I lived there
  8. If I started with that much money
  9. If I had those contacts
  10. If had married her/him



People with the looser mentality fail to see opportunities. They don’t understand the flow. They don’t seize the moment.

Envy is the loser’s vision

Critics are stopping the flow of others and their own.
Criticizing the success of others – messes up your own.

In the looser mentality, fear always trumps faith. That’s why you will not act. Fear paralyzes your actions. Faith releases action.

Faith is the winner’s vision

Faith encourages actions!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King

Faith encourages generosity!

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.
Frank Howard Clark

Winner say

If you think it – do it.
If you see it – say it.


  • What controls you – Fear or faith?

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4 thoughts on “(Deutsch) 10 Verlierer Spr”

  1. Faith is the word!
    Faith in ourselves
    Faith in what we can achieve
    Faith in what we believe
    Faith in others
    Faith makes the world go round!

  2. Frankly – This is a lot of claptrap.
    The truth and the reality is way more complex when it comes to the subject of self-esteem, self-confidence, the ability to preceive an opportunity and to gain the means to develope something positive out such “moments of chance”.

    It is not of much help to those who suffer from various problems to succeed in life, to reduce these vital crucial aspects to some sentences, which appear to be “copy pasted” from any “Your Way to Success and A Better Life”-book.

    It starts with the question about the importance of “success” in our society. We’ve developed from a society of hyper-activity and achievement to a society where success is worshiped more than almost everything else. Anything we do must be a success. Why? And how do you meassure a success? And why became it so hard to admit that a project, an attempt to make a dream come true, a training or day out with the person you love, was a failure? Or was just o.k. indead of “awsome”, “great” or “wonderful”?

    This aspect alone demonstrates how short of reality such power-quotes are. And this is just one of several aspects to the topic. There is a grain of truth in the quotes you posted and in your conclusion at the end – of course. But it’s one tiny aspect of a much larger picuture. And sometime it is important to add additional parts to the puzzle. Otherwise the one bit one lays on the table might be missleading.

    I do follow your blog with interest. You got talent. And you are not in need of such simple turths.

    Regards and best wishes,

  3. @ Dani,

    I understand your thoughts. And it’s unfair to just write down a list of sentences. It must go deeper than mere words. The core of it all is how we see ourselves and that’s not something that can change easily.

    Same as you, I think it’s a life long process that knows no short cuts.

    Thanks for for your feedback. I don’t want to give cheap answers to complex problems in our society, but sometimes I wish I would work.

    Keep encouraging me.

    Cheers, ND

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