Jan 3 / ND Strupler

Dirt Bike Trip

Jan 3 / ND Strupler

ICF Cambodia Christmas Party

We had an idea to invite our friends for a Christmas Dinner Party. Since we where only a few people in a living room we planned to invite people that don’t go to a church and listen to the Christmas story. As the event got closer we soled over 500 tickets. A few day’s before the party we went to check out if there would be enough space. We found out that there where only 370 chairs in the room. During 48h we had to come up with a concept to fit in a lot more. We organised tables and chairs. It was our first big event with our small team.
To our surprise we had over 600 people fill up the room.
We are very thankful to share the gospel with so many people this Christmas.
Thank you for all your prayers.
ICF Cambodia

Dec 15 / ND Strupler

4 Month in Cambodia

Video in Deutsch

Dec 2 / ND Strupler

My First 10K

1836 runners and I came in 34th.
10K in 48:29 min.

Nov 28 / ND Strupler

Strong Words From A True Motivator