This is it


We are always waiting for the perfect opportunity.
It almost never happens. 
You’re probably working on a job or project right now and saying,
‘This is boring, let’s just deal with it and get it over with.
We’ll make the next one good.’
Whatever is on your desk right now, that’s the one.
Make THIS the best you possibly can. 
It may not be great, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you possibly could, and you may learn something from it.
And you’re always free to do an alternative that does satisfy your creative standards.
Great opportunities don’t just come along.
That’s true, even if you’ve earned a reputation for doing good work (although that helps).
Give your very best – all the time!
If you want to do something great? Here is the key.
Whoever can be trusted with a little can also be trusted with a lot, and whoever is dishonest with a little is dishonest with a lot. Luke 16:10
Be faithful in the little things!
Make this year a year of being faithful in the small things.
The things that are not seen by others.
The hard work no one will ever thank you.
Successful solutions are often made by people
rebelling against bad opportunities.

Kids without dirty feet

At Kids Church we offer a program for kids during the adult’s celebration. There, the kids get to know Christian basic values, we tell them stories out of the Bible, we play and we do handicrafts. By now, we regularly have over 100 kids attending our Kid’s Church – just recently there were 148 little visitors.

So it’s not a surprise that our Kid’s Church house got too small very quickly. Soon we needed to spread out into the garden. In Spring – dry season – this was not really a problem, even though the sun was burning down on the kids very uncomfortably sometimes. For that reason we put up a makeshift black net to provide shade – problem solved. Or not really? During rainy season, this all looked a little bit different. The net does not provide shelter from sudden heavy rainfall. And the ground takes a long time to dry. In these muddy conditions, our thin floor mats don’t really help anymore. Often, the kids had to sit in the dirt or play football (soccer for the Americans) in the mud. And not to forget the mosquitoes, bugs and Co., who consider this moist landscape to be their paradise and with the kids there to feed on, the mosquitoes are having a field day every Sunday.

During these last months, the kids had to sit and play in the heavy rainfall and on the rain-sodden ground too often. Our big goal and our heart’s desire is to build the roof for our Kid’s Church before the next rainy season starts in May. But we still need donors for this project. We hope to start with construction soon, so we can be done on time, because building and constructing takes a tad longer in Cambodia than we are used to from Switzerland.

Your help makes it possible for us to see our project through. Do you want to be part of a dry Kid’s Church for our kids? Click here.

6’500 km in 6 weeks

Wow, what a trip! During nearly 6 weeks, our family was on a tour through Switzerland and Germany. At most places we organised a Cambodia Night, and at some places we were given the opportunity to speak on Sunday during the celebrations. At these events we got the chance to introduce our ICF and our work here with the Khmer people in Siem Reap to the audience. Additionally, we got the chance to refresh old relationships, to build new ones, and to collect toothbrushes for our Dental Project. A huge THANK YOU to all toothbrush donors!

During the Cambodia Night we talked about our work that was already done, about the difficulties and challenges we faced, the successes and the great moments, and especially about the people here that we love so much.

The goal of our trip was to find new donors as well as people who would like to apply for a job as an intern at ICF Cambodia. With so many projects going on at the moment and even more starting soon, we need more help, financially and staff-wise speaking, so that we can develop and grow more. Help us, so we don’t need to look for help elsewhere.

Switzerland and Germany Tour

WE LOVE CAMBODIA_smallIn den nächsten Wochen bin ich mit meiner Family in der Schweiz und in Deutschland unterwegs.
Gerne würden wir dich für einen unserer Events einladen.
Wir reden an folgenden Sonntagen in diesen ICF Churches:

  • Sonntag, 12. Oktober im ICF Stuttgart
  • Sonntag, 19. Oktober im ICF Schaffhausen
  • Sonntag, 26. Oktober im ICF Bern
  • Sonntag, 02. November im ICF Mittelland
  • Sonntag, 09. November im ICF Karlsruhe
  • Sonntag, 16. November im ICF Zürich

Für einen ausführlicheren Bericht machen wir an diesen Orten eine CAMBODIA NIGHT und erzählen mit Fotos und Videos einige der interessanten Geschichten vom letzten Jahr.

  • Mittwoch, 15. Oktoberim ICF Reutlingen, Deutschland
  • Freitag, 17. Oktoberim ICF Wetzikon, Schweiz
  • Mittwoch, 29. Oktober im ICF Freiburg, Deutschland
  • Donnerstag, 30. Oktoberim ICF St. Gallen, Schweiz
  • Dienstag, 04. Novemberim ICF Zug, Schweiz
  • Donnerstag, 06. Novemberim ICF Chur, Schweiz
  • Freitag, 07. November im ICF Thun, Schweiz
  • Dienstag, 11. Novemberim ICF München, Deutschland
  • Mittwoch, 12. Novemberim ICF Nürnberg, Deutschland
  • Donnerstag, 13. November im ICF Berlin, Deutschland
  • Freitag, 14. Novemberim ICF Bielefeld, Deutschland
  • Samstag, 15. Novemberim ICF Paderborn, Deutschland

In einer gemütlichen Atmosphere werden wir mehr Zeit für Fragen und Austausch haben.Wir würden uns riesig freuen, wenn wir dich an einem dieser Events begrüssen könnten.

Mehr details

ICF Cambodia Christmas Party

We had an idea to invite our friends for a Christmas Dinner Party. Since we where only a few people in a living room we planned to invite people that don’t go to a church and listen to the Christmas story. As the event got closer we soled over 500 tickets. A few day’s before the party we went to check out if there would be enough space. We found out that there where only 370 chairs in the room. During 48h we had to come up with a concept to fit in a lot more. We organised tables and chairs. It was our first big event with our small team.
To our surprise we had over 600 people fill up the room.
We are very thankful to share the gospel with so many people this Christmas.
Thank you for all your prayers.
ICF Cambodia